Sleep Aid for the Non-Snoring Spouse

It’s an awkward feeling to sleep with devices but I’m trying to please the spouse. I went on Amazon and searched for anti-snoring. Looked through a number of products and decided I’ll try this anti-snore nose vents. On the first night, the vents slide in my nose with ease. It itched a little but that was because it was unfamiliar. I tossed and turned for a few minutes but I was so tired I eventually drifted to sleep. I believe I removed the vents in my sleep because I found the plastic devices on the floor. LOL However, the second night I was able to make it through the night.

The vents are lightweight. I slept well and didn’t wake up tired. No complaint from the hubby either. The vents reminded me of sleeping with a night guard because I grind my teeth at night. Just like the night guard, it takes a few nights to get familiar with them. This product is worth a try.


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