Illuminating TV

Let me start by saying, I am such a gadget girl. I love electronics. When I saw this on Amazon, I told myself, “I must have it.” The ability to cast different colors via remote control excites me. When my package arrived, I immediately stopped everything to adhere the new USB light strips to the back of my tv in my bedroom. There is adhesive on the back of the light strips which makes it easy to apply to the back of your TV. If you are using devices that require a USB source of power, that might be a concern if you only have one USB port on your television. My TV has two USB ports. I use one USB for my firestick and the other port for my USB light strip. It connected without any issues. One minor problem is the light strip didn’t come with a battery for the remote. Unfortunately, the remote takes a special battery, CR2025. You can buy those from your local Walmart but make sure you have one handy when you order this product. Overall, I am happy. 🙂

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Fast, Fun 5 Star Fidget Spinner

The new craze is Fidget Spinners. This neat little handheld spinner is suitable for young and old.  It is made of a metal like material with 5-star tips and spins fast. Loads of fun!!!

Pretty In Pink

This mouse is easy to use. You plug in the USB port of the laptop or computer. The software automatically downloaded for the mouse. This mouse is so girly. Anything pink I love. I needed a mouse for my laptop on the go. This one lights up. It’s Gorg!

Cool LED Lights!!!

I wanted to line my stairs with lights. I ordered the LED String of Lights to use when I am home and don’t want too much lighting.  The lights are small but illuminate very well. The picture I am displaying shows the lights on the carpet of the stairs. My weekend project is to attach the string of lights to the wood molding (baseboards) of the stairs. I would suggest this product accent those areas of your home and create ambiance.

Oh What a Relief it is!!!

I have developed plantar fasciitis. In the morning my feet are very tender. I have to prepare my feet to wear heels to work. I ordered Dr. JK Ball of Foot Cushions to give me padding at the balls of my feet. These cushions feel like I am walking on new carpet. My feet felt wonderful and didn’t give me any problems. This will be a repeat purchase. There so comfy.

Difficult 18 month old loved this Kiddy Bowl

My niece absolutely loved this bowl! She is 18 months and not excited about food. I put some applesauce in the PlayMeal Kids Adventure Food Bowl. I fed her for a few minutes showing her there was something in the bottom. I said, “See toy?” and my niece repeated, “Toy.” The bowl came with 3 little toy bugs. The look on my niece’s face was priceless. This is the perfect gift for a difficult eater. I would highly recommend this bowl for any picky eating toddlers. This gives the child motivation to eat their food.

Sleep Aid for the Non-Snoring Spouse

It’s an awkward feeling to sleep with devices but I’m trying to please the spouse. I went on Amazon and searched for anti-snoring. Looked through a number of products and decided I’ll try this anti-snore nose vents. On the first night, the vents slide in my nose with ease. It itched a little but that was because it was unfamiliar. I tossed and turned for a few minutes but I was so tired I eventually drifted to sleep. I believe I removed the vents in my sleep because I found the plastic devices on the floor. LOL However, the second night I was able to make it through the night.

The vents are lightweight. I slept well and didn’t wake up tired. No complaint from the hubby either. The vents reminded me of sleeping with a night guard because I grind my teeth at night. Just like the night guard, it takes a few nights to get familiar with them. This product is worth a try.

Loose Powder takes the Shine away!!!

I have an oily complexion. Throughout the day, I have to use oil blotting papers to take away the shine. I wear light make-up. My daily make-up routine is basically, eye makeup and concealer and oil blotters throughout the day. I noticed many vloggers are using loose powder on their faces and decided to order Beau Kiss. I am pleased with the outcome. My makeup looks on point. Instead of the applicator that comes with the powder, I would recommend using a kabuki brush

No longer a Pin Cushion to Mosquitos

Living in Houston, insects, and mosquitos is an issue. I like sitting on my porch, however, I become food to pesky insects. The Eliminator Electronic Fly and Bug Zapper has solved my problem. I sit my zapper on the porch about 15 minutes before I sit outside. I don’t have any issues with bugs, insects or mosquitos with this device in place. Now I need a remedy for the lizard and frogs. LOL I would definitely recommend this product if you have an issue with bugs.

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